Aurelio Rojo, president of APICI, invited to speak at the Fire Protection and Safety in Tunnels Conference 2015

FPST-270x90APICI´s President will give the conference:

ITS, intelligent transport systems and management of emergency/evacuation situations in metro systems 

  • Understanding the safety challenges, automatic and overcrowded metro systems- how they face this
  • Exploring the possibilities of new technologies and IT systems and how they can help in both critical operation situations and facilitate the management of emergency situations
  • Using real time information and big data techniques gives operators and safety managers the key information they need in any critical moment
  • Outlining how pedestrian modelling techniques could provide an accurate evacuation time and identify possible aspects in critical emergency situations
  • Assessing how to evaluate different possible scenarios in order to set up the most appropriate emergency procedures
  • Investigating benefits by using intelligent evacuation and emergency lighting.